About this site

The Gospel of Thomas Bibliography was created in 1995. These pages were initially put online to be able to check my notes for my Master's thesis in any library or place that is hooked up to the net, since I tend to forget to bring my notebook. In a way, these web pages are my "online notes" and you're welcome to use them for your research.

The Greek Gospel of Thomas texts originally consisted only of English translations of the three Greek fragments. In 1998, I've added images of the Greek text to POxy 1, 654 and 655. An online edition of the Oxyrhynchus funeral shroud that was discovered in 1953 is also presented. Information about the discovery and the present locations of the papyri is available as well. In 2009, I've revived the web site on this new domain after it had expired in 2000 on the original Dutch free-net site. I still have to fix some of the Greek images and I'm hoping to add the Coptic Gospel of Thomas images as well.

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