Coptic Text

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In the editio princeps of the Gospel of Thomas, there are numerals that refer to the plates of the photographic edition by P. Labib, Coptic Gnostic Papyri in the Coptic Museum at Old Cairo, Vol. I, Cairo, 1956, plates 80-99. Instead of referring to plate numbers, reference is now made to the inferred original pagination (the codex did not originally have page numbers) as proposed in The Facsimile Edition of the Nag Hammadi Codices, Codex II, Leiden, 1974:

NHC II, 32, recto: Logion 1-3
NHC II, 33, verso: Logion 3-8
NHC II, 34, recto: Logion 8-13
NHC II, 35, verso: Logion 13-16
NHC II, 36, recto: Logion 16-21
NHC II, 37, verso: Logion 21-22
NHC II, 38, recto: Logion 23-29
NHC II, 39, verso: Logion 29-37
NHC II, 40, recto: Logion 37-45
NHC II, 41, verso: Logion 45-50
NHC II, 42, recto: Logion 50-57
NHC II, 43, verso: Logion 57-62
NHC II, 44, recto: Logion 62-64
NHC II, 45, verso: Logion 65-71
NHC II, 46, recto: Logion 72-78
NHC II, 47, verso: Logion 78-86
NHC II, 48, recto: Logion 86-95
uninscribed folio (C/D)
NHC II, 49, recto: Logion 95-101
NHC II, 50, verso: Logion 101-109
NHC II, 51, recto: Logion 109-114