Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 1



logion 26

1-4: (26) and then you will see
in order to cast out the splinter
which (is) in the eye
of your brother."
(Cf. NHC II, 38: 12-17)

logion 27

4-11: (27) Said
Jesus: "If you do not fast
to the world, you will not
find the kingdom
of God; and if you do not
make the sabbath a sab-
bath, you will not see the
(Cf. NHC II, 38: 17-20)

logion 28
[verso breaks off here]

11-21: (28) Jesus said: "I s[t]ood
in the midst of the world,
and I appeared to them in flesh,
and I found them all
drunken, and
I found not one thirst-
ing among them, and pain-
ed is my soul over
the sons of men,
for they are blind in their heart
and do [not] se[e ..]
(Cf. NHC II, 38: 20-31)



logion 29

22: (29) ["... th]is poverty."
(Cf. NHC II, 38: 31 - 39: 2)

logion 30

23-30: (30) [Jesus sa]ys, "[Wh]ere there are
[three g]o[ds, they ar]e gods. And
when one is all alone [to hims]
elf, I am with hi[m].
Ta[k]e up the ston[e],
and there you will find me;
split the wood, and
I am there."
(Cf. NHC II, 39: 3-5 + NHC II, 46: 26-28)

logion 31

30-35: (31) Jesus says, "It
is not acceptable for a pro-
phet (to be) in his own homeland,
nor does a physician work
cures on those
who know him."
(Cf. NHC II, 39: 5-7)

logion 32

36-41: (32) Jesus said: "A city built
on the top of a high
[m]ountain and made fast
can neither fa[l]l nor be
(Cf. NHC II, 39: 7-10)

logion 33
[recto breaks off here]

41-42: (33a) J(esu)s says, "[What] you will hear
[w]ith your one ear, tha[t ..] "
(Cf. NHC II, 39: 10-12)