Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 654

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POxy 654, 1-3: These are the [secret] words [which] the living Jesus [sp]oke, an[d Judas, who is] (called) Thomas, [wrote down] (Cf. NHC II, 32: 10-12).
logion 1b POxy 654, 3-5: (1) And he said, ["Whoever finds the interpre]tation of th[ese] words will not taste [death]" (Cf. NHC II, 32: 12-14)
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POxy 654, 5-9: (2) [Jesus says,] "Let him who see[ks] not cease [seeking unti]l he finds and when he finds, [he will be astounded, and] having been [astoun]ded, he will reign an[d having reigned], he will re[st]" (Cf. NHC II, 32: 14-19)
logion 3b POxy 654, 9-21: (3) Je[sus] says, "[If] those who draw on you [say to you, ‘Behold,] the kingdom (is) in the heav[en,’] the birds of the hea[ven will be (there) before you. But if they say th]at it is under the earth, the fishes of the se[a will enter before you]. And the king[dom of God] is within you [and outside (of you). Whoever] knows [himself], will fin[d] it [and when you] know yourselves, [you will realise that] you are the [sons] of the li[ving] Father. [But if you will not] know yourselves, [you are] in [poverty] and you are pov[erty]" (Cf. NHC II, 32: 19 - 33: 5).
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POxy 654, 21-27: (4) [Jesus says,] "A ma[n full of d]ays will not hesitate to ask a ch[ild of seven da]ys about the place of [life and he will live.] For many (that are) fi[rst] will be [last and] the last will be first and they [will have eternal life]" (Cf. NHC II, 33: 5-10).
logion 5b POxy 654, 27-31: (5) Jesus says, "K[now what is be]fore your face, and [that which is hidden] from you will be reveal[ed to you. For there i]s nothing hidden which will not [be made] mani[fest] and (nothing) buried which will not [be raised up]" (Cf. NHC II, 33: 10-14; A Funeral Shroud from Oxyrhynchus).
logion 6 POxy 654, 31-40: (6) [His disciples] ask him [and s]ay, "How [shall we] fast [and how shall] we [pray] and how [shall we give alms, a]nd what shall [we] observe [when we sup?"] Jesus says, "[Do not lie and what] you [hate] do not do. [For all things will be full of(?)] truth be[fore heaven. For there is nothing] hidden [which will not be (made) known" (Cf. NHC II, 33: 14-23).
logion 7 POxy 654, 40-42: (7) "Ha]ppy is [he who does not do these things. For all] will be made mani[fest before the Father who] is [in heaven]" (Cf. NHC II, 33: 23-28).